Bringing Success to Your Projects with a Collaborative Approach

Dr. Heather Monteiro

Owner, Director of Research and Data Science

Hickory Ridge Group LLC (“HRG”) was founded in 2016 by Dr. Heather Monteiro in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is known for high-quality work, transparency, and integrity. HRG is a woman-owned, certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (“DBE”) and performs transportation economics research, focusing on but not limited to freight-related economic impact analysis, benefit-cost analysis, market analysis, and business plan development. Dr. Monteiro has worked for public and private sector clients, and has presented research results to executive oversight committees and public steering committees for MPOs.

HRG’s research areas include transportation economics, big data analysis, transit topics, intermodal/ multimodal freight, intermodal site selection, behavioral transit studies, transport-specific law enforcement, the relationship between freight data and economic development, and transit industry studies.

Dr. Monteiro developed Freight Development Services (“FDS”) in 2019, as the result of a successful and ongoing partnership providing industrial and economic development support for public agencies and private real estate development. FDS can start with an empty brownfield and return a complete grant proposal, private funding offering, or shovel-ready project to cities, counties, states, and MPOs. FDS includes a full panel of experts to deliver high-quality, robust, evidence-based recommendations and implementation.

Dr. Heather Monteiro
FDS partners with experts in their field to provide
  •  Big data analysis

  • Brownfield development and reclamation

  • Real estate assessment, acquisitions and development

  •  Engineering services

  • Land use research

  •  Logistics operations

  • Site selection

  • Rail, marine, and road operations

  • Transportation economics

  • Modal and intermodal transportation

Key Differentiators

Our people and relationships.

HRG’s founder, Dr. Heather Monteiro holds a doctorate in logistics and is highly-educated and experienced in all stages and phases of research design, data collection, and analysis. HRG also developed strategic partnerships with highly-experienced professionals in the following fields: information technology, rail operations, freight systems strategy, commercial real estate, and brownfield reclamation.

Flexible Capacity.

HRG keeps a small staff including two dedicated research assistants and a robust internship program, to keep overhead low and provide flexible and affordable capacity to suit the project requirements. HRG accomplishes this flexible capacity by partnering with highly-experienced experts on a project-by-project basis.

Lean and Agile Performance.

HRG’s small staff with a dependable set of expert partners allows HRG to operate in both a lean and agile way—allowing HRG to respond accurately to projects of all sizes and changes within existing projects.

Professional Project Management.

HRG also employs a certified project management professional (PMP) and uses state-of-the-art project management software, processes, and procedures to ensure that all projects are completed on-time, on-budget, and to the complete satisfaction of the client.


Project Management Professional (PMP)

SCOR Model Certification(SCOR-S)

Woman-owned small business (WOSB)

Disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE)