Analysis Development

Market Analysis

We conduct research and analysis of your market conditions from the company and customer perspective, providing a clear strategic thinking and opportunity recognition.

Data Integration and Analysis

We ensure the highest quality data for your business by incorporating processes that create usable business information from source system data. Providing comprehensive, consistent, relevant and timely information.

Research Design

We construct your research from ground zero, starting by providing the focus and what is to be achieved with the research project to the study design, instrument selection or design, sampling and analysis plan.

Freight Data

We offer data identification, collection and analysis for your specific freight needs.

  • Needs identification
  • Collection & analysis

Transportation Economics Services


We make use of this analytical tool that maximizes the difference between benefits and costs to yield the best results for your project.

Transportation Infrastructure Project Prioritization

We align your transportation infrastructure projects with your organizational strategy to eliminate waste and uncertainty and provide a successfully-implemented project.

Economic Impact Analysis

We calculate the effects on the level of economic activity in a specific area by selecting the appropriate measures, identifying direct and indirect economic effects and implementing the right economic models.

Freight Development Services

Big Data Analysis

We analyze vast sources of data to aid efficiency in decision-making.

  • Land use research
Real Estate
  • Site selection
  • Assessment 
  • Acquisition 
  • Development 
  • Land use research
Engineering Services

We offer an array of engineering services that accommodate to your freight development project needs, guaranteeing high quality results.

Logistics Operations

We provide evidence-based answers and solutions for your rail, marine, road, modal and intermodal operations.

  • Rail, marine and road operations
  • Modal & Intermodal Operations
Transportation Economics

We facilitate the answers and solutions that will deliver the optimal allocation of resources for your specific freight development project.

Brownfield Development

We will provide our expertise to guarantee that your investment will result in the environmental benefits, economic development and social improvement your project deserves.